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“Kristin has been teaching my 10 yr old daughter piano for about 8 weeks now. I can’t believe the progress she’s made. With Kristin’s instruction, my daughter has easily learned the basics and is quickly moving into more advanced techniques and songs. She took to her instantly and is excited to go back each week. Not only is Kristin a fantastic instructor but she is very personable and friendly. You can’t help but like her 🙂 Thank you Kristin for your outstanding teaching abilities! I couldn’t be more happy!” – Leagh

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“My husband surprised me with piano lessons. I have always wanted to take lessons but life got in the

way. I am 38yrs old and thought there was no chance of learning that skill now. But, to my surprise and

the surprise from my husband I can now say “yes I can play the piano!”. Kristin makes learning the piano

an enjoyable experience. I never felt like I was pressured or doing something wrong. She has a way of

teaching that makes you feel very at ease so you actually have fun and can enjoy your lesson rather than

dread it! She will always look at the positive side of how your learning and figure out the best way for your

brain to understand. Not everyone learns in the same way and Kristin is so good at figuring out how you

will do your best!”

Warmly, Tara Anthony
“I have studied with Kristin and recommend her to anyone wishing to get started or further their skills in

music. I enjoyed getting back into playing the guitar with her guidance. She was very attentive to my

needs as an older student (60 yrs old), and took the time to plan her lessons around what I wanted to

learn. She is a very capable and caring teacher.”
– Cathy Estenson, Whitehall, WI
“I’m 62 and have always wanted to play piano.  My main goal is to play for pleasure but have also found

playing to be a great stress reliever.  I was hesitant to take lessons at first, wondering if I’d be able to pick

it up quickly enough, but after a few months of lessons I was encouraged to see my progress.  Kristin has

a gift for teaching and knows how to cater to your personal goals.  I have been recommending her to the

people in my life who are looking for an experienced teacher.” – Dee Westphal

“I have really enjoyed taking piano lessons from Kristin.  I started back when I was in 5th grade, but I didn’t

stick with it for very long because at the time, my mother was the one making me take lessons.  As I got

older, however, I really developed a love for music so I began taking lessons again as a Junior in high

school.  The reason being I thought piano would put more music theory behind my bass playing. We have

gone over chords, chord progressions, scales, and many other things that have bettered me as an overall

Kristin has been very flexible and understanding with lesson times and changes, and that is great

because of how busy I am. She also adjusted my lessons to fit what I wanted to accomplish which was

more of learning more the theory side of things, along with sight reading, and learning treble clef.

Taking lessons from Kristin has been a blast, and I would recommend her as a teacher to anyone I


Phil (17)

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